Hi my name is Elaine Baker.

My online journey  started back in 2006 when I started selling eBooks on eBay.  I bought a bunch of eBooks on disk and sold them individually – at that time business was good but the eBook market on eBay soon became saturated and eBay clamped down on the digital delivery of eBooks.  This in turn changed many businesses selling eBooks overnight. Everything STOPPED! No eBooks to sell and no income coming in.

At that time I was watching a very successful internet marketer – he just seemed to be doing all the right things and didn’t let anything not even eBay to get in his way.  He carried on with his business and explored different avenues.  I only wish I’d stayed with him way back then… BUT as I tell myself it’s never too late!… more about him a little later 

When all that collapsed I decided to set up as a Web Designer and together with my husband offered Print and Design of Business Stationery – this was something we both thoroughly enjoyed  – we wanted to help people with Small Businesses succeed online and this is something we felt we were good at.

I then decided to join a Direct Selling Company called Younique besides my web design business – I have a passion for makeup too!

I was lucky enough to be able to do all my own marketing material for promoting my Younique business.  Many of the Reps in Younique saw my marketing material and word got round.  Our business expanded and we ended up designing and printing Business Stationery for other Direct Sales Reps.  You know the ladies and gents who joined not only Younique but ActiDerm, The Body Shop at Home, Avon and such like.  They all wanted personalised print at a low cost so we specialised in designing short run print at low cost.

This worked well but the biggest mistake we made was keeping all our advertising on one Social Media Platform – Facebook – we really should have known better!  As we know Facebook’s algorithm changes regularly and at this point Facebook decided to not show my posts to my Group Members – the decline in business was unbelievable in a matter of days!  It was heart breaking but nevertheless I knew that wanting to help Small Business people with their marketing was what I really wanted to do and want to show others how they can market online and not depend on one Social Media platform.

Fast forward to January 2019 – over the years I watched the gentleman I mentioned earlier and in January I decided to sign up to his Product Creation Workshop  – his name is John Thornhill and he’s totally blown me away with this course.

I 100% feel that this was the right time for me to join John’s Workshop – I truly believe things happen for a reason.

My journey will be documented in this blog together with tips and advice for all businesses who need help in marketing their business – so watch this space there’s a lot more to come!